1. wealthiness, affluence, opulence, prosperousness. See riches.
2. luxuriousness, lushness, lavishness, sump-tuousness; splendidness, resplendence, Inf. splen-diferousness, gorgeousness, magnificence, grandness, grandiosity.
3. vividness, graphicness, intensity, deepness; brilliancy, lustrousness; vibrancy, brightness, gayness; gaudiness, garishness, loudness, Sl. jazziness.
4. resonance, sonorousness, canorousness, fullness, orotundity; mellifluousness, euphoniousness, har-moniousness; dulcetness, melodiousness.
5. redolence, fragrance, aromaticity, odorousness, odoriferousness.
6. fruitfulness, fecundity, productiveness, fertility, frugiferousness, fructiferousness; prolificness, pro-liferousness.
7. plenteousness, plentifulness, bountifulness, bounteousness, copiousness; amplitude, ampleness; abundance, profusion, plenitude, bounty, plenty, cornucopia, horn of plenty, endless supply, Scot. scouth, Scot, and North Eng. routh.
8.(all of food) heaviness, creaminess; succulence, juiciness, flavorfulness, savoriness; spiciness, tanginess, piquancy.

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